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Kansas Album Pictures

kansasalbum.jpg (33579 bytes)Kansas Song for Americasfaalbum.jpg (25749 bytes)
masquealbum.jpg (22708 bytes)Masque LeftovertureLeftover.jpg (41875 bytes)
pointokralbum.jpg (20692 bytes)Point of Know Return Two for the Showtwoforshowalbum.jpg (21123 bytes)
monolithalbum.jpg (26750 bytes)Monolith Audio-Visionsaudiovisionsalbum.jpg (20393 bytes)
vinylconfessionsalbum.jpg (26554 bytes)Vinyl Confessions Drastic Measuresdrasticalbum.jpg (87647 bytes)
poweralbum.jpg (21129 bytes)Power In The Spirit of Things:

I can't get a good scan off such
a dark cover.  Anyone with a
good one please E-mail me.
freaksofalbum.jpg (63826 bytes)Freaks of Nature Always Never the SameAntsalbum.jpg (17488 bytes)
ste.jpg (172417 bytes)Somewhere to Elsewhere

All pictures are 350 x 350 JPEG's
free for use on your own sites if
you would like.  =)

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