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Monday, May 12, 2003 09:46:31 PM

Welcome to Kansas!

Thanks for visiting my tribute website for the greatest American Progressive Rock band, Kansas.

Hopefully this site will be of use to you for some great information on them.  Look for more content to be added soon, like a band time line, band history, and just maybe an interview or two.

Feel free to navigate through the site using the navigation bar to your left.  
Enjoy, and Carry on!

Brian P. Nielsen, Spring City, PA, USA

All I can say is WOW!  Had a blast at the show in Delaware! The Grand Opera House is such an INCREDIBLE venue!  The crowd was 100% into the band, and the band was on, especially STEVE who went for and hit every single high note!  They held nothing back!  What a show!

Buy the Kansas DVD, 'Device Voice Drum NOW!  This is not an optional purchase! 

Just added Device Voice Drum CD and DVD pages to 'My Discography'  Check it out!


Got my pictures back from the Aberdeen, MD show.  Check out "My Concert Pics" to see them!

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